Matthew is an Adventist pastor who somehow convinced Laura to marry him. Laura puts up with his podcasting, but their daughter Aerith does not. So Matthew records each episode from a secure and undisclosed (from Aerith) location.


A podcast is basically a radio show on the internet. They come in all shapes and sizes, from shows on investing to politics to sports to…well, Adventist history. Podcasting is biblical. Jesus warned in Matthew 7:6 that you should not “[pod]cast your pearls before swine” (the pod-prefix in Greek is implied). 1 Chron. 24:31 says that “they also [pod]cast lots” and I’m in full agreement with that. If you’re going to podcast, you should do it lots.

Why AHP?

The Adventist History Podcast was launched to tell the story of a homegrown, American Christian movement. The lives of its founders spanned the most interesting and innovative period in American history. And while there are some great books on the subject, there’s never been a podcast, which is basically a bite-sized, commuter-convenient form of storytelling. It’s a cool story via a cool medium for telling stories. Why not? 

Matthew hopes AHP will spark conversations that lead to a deeper appreciation of Adventist history and a better understanding of who Adventists are. This podcast is fully funded by personal funds. If you'd like to support or advertise with AHP, please contact Matthew.

What's next...

A new episode is uploaded on the 22nd of each month. Stay tuned...